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  Malvan Town
  Malvan is town of historic tradition. It is known for Sindhudurg Fort, its delicious Malvani cuisine (Rice & fishcurry). It is known for Malvani Hapus mango. It is also known for sweets such as Malvani Khaja (Sweet made from besan flour & coated jaggery) & woh ! variety of Malvani Ladoos.
  Also unique of Malvan is dramatic kind called Malvani Dashavtar. A well known dramatists and T.V. actor Mr. Machindra Kambli is from Malvan taluka.
  This is how the Malvan name happens to be. Some people say that here salt was produced in large quantity. Salt producers use term Lavan & term Mahalavan is a place where you get more salt. Hence the name Malvan. Some say it is because of largely planted coconut trees. Hence the name derived from MAD BAN. Mad(coconut tree) & Ban (Garden). How thename has derived dosent matter, but today Malvan is a Sweet Heart of Sindhudurg & a very popular tourist destination.