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Paradise Sindhudurg

Situated between Goa & Mumbaion the west coast of India, Sindhudurg is becoming most popular tourist destination. Active travellers and holiday makers are drawn to this unbelievably beautiful paradise for many reasons. For its lush & mist covered mountains & cascading waterfalls in the rainy season, emrald green paddy fields & coconut groves interspersed with enchanting waterways. Also set among the natural backdrop are golden beaches & sparkling reef that attracts sunseekers, divers, sports fisherman & romantic couples.
Sindhudurg Fort

Sindhudurg Fort
Plenty of stunning beaches right from Terekhol to Vijaydurg . Some of the beaches are accessible only by boat or adventure some treks via four wheel drives, long hikes or combination of all three.The natural beauty of Sindhudurg is certainly breathtaking but there are others treasures to explore & experience in this land of history such as ancient Maratha Forts, Ashrams, Maths, Havelies, Nurseries & offcourse diverse animals & birds life. A leisurely drive through the countryside reveals many of the deeper charms of Sindhudurg, greenland villages, tall roadside trees of cypress & coconut & small small hillocks flanked by Mango & Cashewnuts trees. There is something for everyone to enjoy & discover in Sindhudurg. mouthwatering delicious seafood cuisines of Sindhudurg has its speciality of his own. Summer season fruits like Cashewnuts, Mango, Jackfruit , watermelons, Cocam, Jambulam are grown in plenty thus fruits are processed, canned & bottled in several local factories scattered in Sindhudurg. This products are exported worldwide. And one thing, almost all will agree that local people are among the warmest, friendliests and most intresting in Sindhudurg.
Amboli Hill Station
Devgad town
Dhamapur lake
Malvan town
Sawantwadi city
Shiroda beach
Tarkarli beach
Venguele beach
Vijaydurg fort