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  Shiroda and Azgoan are twin non-urbon villages. There villages have been densly covered green forest tall palm trees salt planks which appear like white pearl artiatically palced, the cool breeze blowing through the beaches while the tall waves always trying to accompany them tries and tries again and again falls back with a roar and this process the small ships always enjoying & dancing on the wars II
  Shiroda Beach
  Sparkling blue waters, long stretch of silver sands, cool sea breeze, whispering through tall cypruss plantations on the beach & salt depots around the village, Shiroda is a feast for the eyes of the visitors. Shiroda is said to be prerna bhoomi of eminent novelist V.S. Khandekar. In 1930 Salt Satyagraha took olace in Shiroda on order from Rastrapitha Mahatma Gandhi. Police arrested 100,s of protestors (Swayamsevaks) trying to rob salt by breaking the fence but they could’nt stop swayamsevaks from looting the salt. This conflict continued till Gandhiji had talks of equality with General Erwin.
  how to reach here
  Shiroda-Mumbai 508 K. M.
  Shiroda-Panji 57 K. M.
  Nearest Airport Dabohli (Goa) 92.K.M
  Railway Station Sawantwadi (K.R.)
  Port Reedy 5 K. M.
Devgad town
Dhamapur lake
Malvan town
Sawnatwadi city
Amboli hill station
Tarkarli beach
Vengurle beach
Vijaydurg fort