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  Once-upon-a-tine naval bases, Vijaydurg and Sindhudurg were a mark of martial supremacy, under the great Chattrapati Shivaji. In the 17th century Shivaji strengthened Vijaydurg (Fort of Victory) by adding impressive features to it like, the triple row of huge walls, the umpteen towers and the spacious inner buildings. The Sindhudurg or Ocean fort spans over 48 acres. It was once seized by the British and renamed Augustus. This fort set at the Malvan port is a significant monument of the historic times. Within its premises are temples dedicated to Bhavani, Mahadeo, Jarimai, Mahapurush and Shivaji, the last being the only shrine of its kind in India. Both these places also boast of picturesque beaches. Both these places house splendid beaches displaying panoramic beauty.
  How To Get There
  The nearest railhead is Kankavli. Sindhudurg by road is 510 kms, and Vijaydurg is 425 kms from Mumbai via the Goa highway.
Devgad town
Dhamapur lake
Malavan town
Sawantwadi city
Shiroda beach
Tarkarli beach
Vengurla beach
Amboli hill stataion