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Devgad town
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Vijaydurg fort
  Malvan Fort
  Huge sea rocks of Malvan has easefully shouldered the responsibility of two Forts Sindhudurg & Padmagadon his broad chest. The name of the fort is given to the Sindhudurg district. Tourist from all over the world visit through out the year to see this Maratha glory.
  The fort was built with the help of huge rocks on the Kurte Island which amazes people & one appreciates imaginative power of Shivaji.
  In 1964 shivaji erected this fort on 44 acers of land. It took 500 stone splitters & stone breakers, 200 blacksmiths , 3000 labourers & 100,s of skilled artists who toiled very hard to complete this fort in three years. This is evidence from stone inscriptions. Initially 3 K.M. long outer wall (Tat) was built. Average height of wall 10 meter and 2 to 4 meter broad in which liquid lead was used in the foundation. These wall today also stands impenetrable . The trick used in the construction of entrance door seems to be mastermind work. The technique was so deceptive for the enemy that they could not even realize from where the entrance door begains. Outer zigzag outer wall also built in a such a way that if the enemy would come to attack it would be visible from any side so that troops inside the fort could fire their guns & cannons effectively & humble the enemy . Crores of Hones (Goldcoins) where then spent to build this wonderful fort.
  Impressions of shivajis fingers and lake are found to be preserved here on one of the wall . Also lies inside the fort worth seeing temples of Bhavanimata, Shambhu Mahadev, Jirimiri & Mahapurush. All are in good conditions.