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Amboli hill station
Devgad town
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Malvan town
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Shiroda beach
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Vengurle beach
Vijaydurg fort
  Angnewadi,s ( Bharadidevi Temple)
  Renowned all over Angnewadi,s historical Bharadidevis Temple is situated at a distance of 12 K.M. from Malvan town. Once in a year devotees from Maharashtra, Goa, & Karnataka come together here for pilgrimage. Here godess is offered Otti. I:e coconut and blouse piece. The goddess has occurred in a self existent rock form. It is believed that when a person ask for a vow, the goddess fulfills it. The local people who are entitled to honour and respect come and seat together in a temple on a Dali(mat made of Bamboo) & decide a day of holding a fair. According to the tradition mask, saree & ornaments are worn to the Devi, then begains offering of otti which is continued through the day. During the fair devotees show their presence in lakhs. On the same day a women from every house after their bath and without touching and speaking to anybody in the house cook food which is then offered to the Devi as prasad for which people call Tat Lagne. The same prasad is then distributed among the devotees present there.